Intensive Live Blood Analysis Training

The applied microscopy training course offers hands-on practical training that provides you with all the skills you will need to practise Live and Dry Blood Analysis. Shirah and Brina put a lot of emphasis on sharing with you their vast experience and knowledge of this subject. You will be taught how to conduct a consultation with a client, be given protocols to draw on that complement your own knowledge base, and shown how to write up recommendations and do follow-ups with those clients.  Ongoing one-to-one training is also available if required, to help you consolidate and further develop what you learn in this course.

Course Duration:       4 days   (9:30am to 5pm)
Dates:                         1-4 May  &  11-14 September 2018
Location:                    Chelsea, London

Live Blood Analysis Course


  • The history and background of live blood analysis

  • The haematological definitions of blood constituents

  • The underlying causes of illness and how they manifest in the blood picture

  • How to understand and apply the principles of Prof. Enderlein and pleomorphism

  • About pH and the role it plays in health

  • About morphological changes related to nutrition and pathophysiology

  • Basic nutritional guidelines and protocols for the correction of the conditions found

Learn how to take a Live Blood sample


  • Take blood samples and use the microscope

  • Recognise the constituents of live blood as seen under the darkfield microscope - you will study dozens of slides and videos of blood pictures, including your and your fellow students' blood pictures

  • Analyse a dry blood sample as seen under the brightfield microscope

  • Do an evaluation of live and dry blood samples and use them in a clinical setting

  • Gather information from your clients and use it in conjunction with the analyses

A full training manual is provided as well as information on microscopy systems.

On completion of the course you will be required to complete and submit 3 case studies of volunteer clients in your own time. These must show your understanding of the various stages of an LBA consultation and that you are able to use the information gained to advise clients. Once the course tutors are satisfied, you will be sent a certificate of completion of the Live Blood Analysis Course which will allow you to upgrade your insurance and to practise.

Who should attend?

  • This course is open to anyone who has studied medicine, nutrition or naturopathy to a professional level (other natural health qualifications may be accepted if there is also a background in nutrition). You will be requested to submit copies of your qualifications upon registration.
  • Experience or training in clinical practice is a requirement as it is necessary to be able to make client assessments. This technique is an add-on enhancement to your practice and it is not possible to use it sensibly without the required background.