Using the Dark Field Microscope

 Dark field microscope training

Several microscopes are available on the course for practising on. You will be introduced to their functionality and use, and there will be plenty of time for you to become familiar with them (phase contrast is not part of the training but can be discussed).

The emphasis of the course is on making sure you are able to understand and interpret the blood picture and also to get to know how to use the microscope. When you purchase your own microscope the supplier should give you training in the use and care of it. 

It is important to emphasise that learning to use a microscope and recognising the blood conditions involves a steep learning curve. In order to become proficient you will need to put in lots of practise with family and friends before you attempt to start seeing clients.

Which microscope should I buy?

 Dark Field Microscope

The microscope we recommend when you're starting out is the Brunel Hemascope and there will be several available for you to practise on as mentioned above. This microscope is a good, basic microscope which gives a clear blood picture with the 100W halogen illumination.

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