Buying a Microscope

Entering the world of microscopes for the first time can be daunting, however our courses will familiarise you with the necessary equipment, and teach you how to set up, use and care for your own microscope. 

What do I need?

Red blood cells viewed under a 'darkfield' microscope at 1000 times magnification

Red blood cells viewed under a 'darkfield' microscope at 1000 times magnification

1) The Microscope

Live Blood Analysis requires a highly-specialised 'darkfield' microscope. 'Darkfield' describes the way the light is passed through the sample, highlighting the various elements within the blood that otherwise would be invisible under normal microscopy lighting. 

In order to get the most detail possible, it is vital that the microscope has a powerful light source and high quality built-in lenses, allowing for a true representation of the blood sample.

Not all darkfield microscopes on the market will have these features, so it is important to choose carefully. 

2) Digital Imaging Equipment

Alongside your microscope you need a high definition imaging setup that enables you to display the magnified image digitally on a screen. This allows you to show the image to your client, as well as capture stills and video of blood samples for your records.

We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about the
specific requirements of a Live & Dry Blood Analysis microscopy setup.

Which microscope/imaging package should I buy?

Choosing which microscope to buy is a very important, but equally difficult task for new students.

A student using the Brunel Haemascope

A student using the Brunel Haemascope

To help you, we have developed an exclusive partnership with Brunel Microscopes to supply the ideal blood microscopy package at a very competitive price. For our students we recommend the Haemascope DG from Brunel Microscopes and a Canon DSLR camera (see below).

This is the microscopy package that we use on our courses and have used in our own practices for many years - with a powerful halogen light source ( far superior to L.E.D.) and high-quality lenses, we are happy to recommend this robust professional system.

Brunel Microscopes sell high-quality professional optical equipment, and offer excellent technical support for peace of mind and to ensure your microscope is an investment that lasts for many years. Although based in the UK they supply microscopes to laboratories and educational institutions all around the world.

Brunel’s packages include everything you need to get started, and can ship to anywhere in the world.

Brunel Haemascope

Brunel Darkfield Microscopy Package:

  • Brunel Haemascope DG 12V 100W

  • Darkfield Oil Condenser

  • x2.5/x10/x20/x40/x100 Objectives

  • Trinocular Head

  • Halogen light source (far superior to L.E.D.)

  • Universal SLR adaptor

  • Slides & Cover Slips

  • Immersion Oil

  • Lens Cleaning Kit

  • Training DVD

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Free Service within 2 years of purchase

£2150 ( +VAT only in EU )


Digital Imaging Package:

  • Canon 1300D DSLR Camera

  • T2 ring Lens Adaptor

  • Mains Wired-in Battery

  • Remote Software

£379 ( +VAT only in EU )

Worldwide Shipping Available & FREE delivery for UK students

Please note – Prices are correct as of 03/06/19 but are subject to change. This is an exclusive arrangement only available to students who have enrolled on one of our courses. Purchases from outside the E.U. may be subject to import duties.

For Enquiries – please contact Brunel Microscopes at
or call +44 (0)1249 462655, and mention Naturecure Academy