What do past students think about the course?

Learning the use of dark field microscopes on the Live Blood Analysis Training Course

Daiana Zborostian


"I chose the course because it included practical training sessions. From my point of view, they are essential for gaining experience and confidence in this particular field of health assessment. During the class, practical sections were efficiently intertwined with the theory parts, for the best result. Shirah and Brina were very diligent in conducting the practical sections …. I would like to thank them again for their patience and willingness to share their experience! The course material was well structured and Shirah delivered the right amount of information in a very professional manner. The atmosphere was cozy and friendly, and my classmates were wonderful!!! Overall, NCA Live and Dry Blood Microscopy Course was a great experience and confirmed my passion for this field. The professionalism and dedication of NCA team gave me confidence and motivation for my future work. Thank you again to all of you!!!!"

Leah Salmon
Dip.Nutri. Herb. Irid, CMTA

The Naturally You Coach,


"Amazing, informative, practical & life changing are my thoughts on the live and dry blood analysis course run by Shirah & Brina. Together they made a very complex subject easy to understand with their in depth knowledge and vast experience. The course exceeded my expectations and I know it will pay for itself several times over as they've taught me such a valuable skill. If you are considering taking this course I can't recommend it highly enough, these ladies have great integrity and I felt supported through the whole process and after. Thank you for creating such a comprehensive and effective program to ensure the next generation of analysts are well trained and well equipped to continue this great service to our clients."

"Shirah and Brina are so knowledgeable, but most of all their passion comes across as they share with the group their involvement with Live Blood Analysis throughout their years of expertise. I found the course to be extremely comprehensive. The venue will make you feel at ease, as it is a relaxed and comfortable space. They offer sensible value for money to what I find to be a thorough training.

I also had the pleasure of having Shirah coming to my clinic for a whole day to mentor me while doing Live Blood Analysis with my clients. This is really helpful as a one-off (or more if needed of course) and I would highly recommend it for boosting up your confidence within your own practice. Brina also interacts very thoroughly with Facebook posts on the 'Closed Group' and I found it very helpful indeed."

Edwige Cabanetos

4 Balance & Health,

John Way

The Wellness Practitioner,

"I've been working as a practitioner of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine for just over 10 years. I decided to complete the course in 2013 and since then I have not looked back. The information that LBA gives me and the patient is so valuable I simply don't know how I had worked before. I love that the patient goes away with visuals and has something to work towards. I highly recommend the course."

Beverley Bird

The Raw Retreat,

"I found the course to be thorough and the after course support valuable. The opportunity to get practice using microscopes and practice in taking blood samples was a part of the course that is critical for anyone hoping to become a live blood microscopist. I now use this therapy alongside nutrition at our retreat and would not have been able to do this without Brina’s excellent training."